Hi, Vincent Pagel speaking

Since 2002 I've been working with Acapela Group (formerly Babel Technologies SA) in Mons/Belgium to develop talking machines. You can try the online demo of our multi-lingual technology demo page or have fun with Acapela TV talking bunnies or hip-hop stars.

Previously I spent a wonderful year at Center for Speech and Language Understanding(Portland/Oregon), where I was a postdoctoral associate with Mike Macon and Pr Van Santen.

Even before, I had been working for 4 years with my friend Thierry Dutoit in the speech synthesis team of Mons-Belgium, may be you've ever listened to my voice in FR3, or to my wife's FR2(Celine)? If you like talking gadgets, then let's play with the trainable phonetizer called MBRDICO and learn Arabic, Dutch, English, French and Spanish prununciation.

Here is my resume and publications. You can also read the abtract and download my Phd Thesis (Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy/France) on prosodic cues for speech recognition in French.

In the meantime may be you can visit:

Some relevant pictures !!!

My three kids (Louise, Blanche and Etienne) !!!

my micro franco belgian MIDI archive

the motif timidity (real time MIDI software only expander) you're longing to get

Mars 2003