French Timidity Homepage

This page is the French Motif couterpart of the original timidity site 
made by Tuukka Toivonen. You should visit it if you'd like to peep at the manual page, or to read the Gnu general public licence ( Well you've guessed, Timidity is distibuted under the GNU GPL) 

What is Timidity ?
It's a real time software only 32 voices MIDI expander , based on the Gravis Ultrasound soundpatches.
Timidity WORKS on SUN-os , HPUX , LINUX. So to sumarize for PC owners : you can do a Gus job with a SB16.

Timidity works with several interfaces: none, ncurses, slang (Linux) and Motif

What is not Timidity?
A Roland SCC1 soundcard !

You can get:
You can also get:

Don't forget to visit the franco-belgian micro midi archive !!!

You want to see what timidity looks like ?? Here is the snapshot :


Many thanks to Gilles Dauphin for archiving at

Vincent Pagel ( July 1995