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Vincent PAGEL
59 rue du bas-marais
F59880 Saint Saulve




Software Engineering and object oriented software conception (Eiffel)

Worked with: C, C++, Perl, Lisp, Prolog, Pascal, assembly languages (80x86), Trained with: 68000, HP9000 Risc architecture and micro-programming

Default tracking with Valgrind, Code profiling and optimisation with Cachegrind

GUI: multi-platform Tcl/Tk, used Motif under X11, some developments with MFC under Microsoft Visual C++

Operating systems: Databases: Oracle (conception and implementation + SQL requests) Automata, parsers and compilers theory Applied numerical methods and operation research


French: native
English: read, written, spoken
German: school level
Latin (5 years) and Greek (1 year) were good introductions to morphology


driving license, jazz-rock guitar (played for 2 years in a big band)


T. Dutoit, V. Pagel, N. Pierret: U.S. Patent Number 5,987,413 " Envelope-invariant analytical speech resynthesis using periodic signals derived from reharmonized frame spectrum" et European patent EP97870079, BE9600524 "Method for audio synthesis" (méthode de synthèse MBROLA)


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Thèse de doctorat de l'Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1 : « De l'utilisation d'informations acoustiques suprasegmentales en reconnaissance de la parole continue», pp. 249, soutenue publiquement le 19 Novembre 1999. Rapporteurs: Didier Galmiche (Loria), Henri Méloni (Université d'Avignon), Piet Mertens (Université de Louvain).

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sep 2002